can you have a pantera as a pet


This is a good question for me. Will I let him go if he has got his own team? I haven’t seen all the breeds so far, but I definitely want to!This is an article I’m reading. Let’s watch it titled: can you have a pantera as a pet. If you have any questions, please reply back.

Why are panthers not good pets?

So to make it clear, panthers are not great pets for three reasons: 1 The first is they have many needs which you can provide but will burn your dollars. 2 The second is it’s illegal to keep one, and you may get monetary fines if they caught you. 3 The third is because panthers are dangerous animals that can hurt people and other pets in your neighborhood.

What do panthers eat?

Panthers will hunt and prey on lots of animals in the wild. They can eat a buffalo and an elephant too! Below is the list of their favorite animals to eat: 1 Deers 2 Pigs 3 Wild Hogs 4 Wild Boars 5 Rabbits 6 Dogs 7 Birds 8 Fishes 9 Cattles 10 Antelopes 11 Reptiles 12 Impalas 13 Gazelles

Why do people want a pet panther?

They want a pet panther because panthers are inevitably cute while they are still a cub. However, people don’t know how dangerous panthers can be when they grow up. If you have managed to own a pet panther, this is still not a good idea.

What is the scariest predator in the jungle?

They are one of the scariest and deadliest predators in the jungle! Panthers are big cats that have a bite force of around 1,050 PSI. They have the same bite force as the tigers, and they bite twice as hard as the lions. That is why lions hunt in groups, while panthers prefer to hunt alone.

How much does a panther cost?

One panther can cost $900-$2500. The price depends on the size, gender and age of the panther. Yes, it may look cheap compared to other exotic animals. However, their needs are the ones that will burn your money down. Panthers have many needs. You need to buy tons of meat for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Where do Florida panthers live?

They live in China, Burma, Nepal, South India, Indonesia, and the Southern part of Malaysia. The Florida Panthers live in Florida USA. They live in a warm climate habitat. Florida panthers can be seen in wetlands, swamps, upland forests, and where saw palmetto stands.

Is it illegal to have a panther as a pet?

Nope. It is illegal to have a panther as a pet in most countries. The reason why is that a panther is a dangerous and aggressive animal that can kill people and other pets. Only zoos and reservations can get permission to own a Panther. Below are the lists of very interesting facts about these awesome panthers.

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