can you have a pantera as a pet


No, it is not legal to have a Black Panther as a pet because the Class 1 wildlife, which includes lions and tigers, is prohibited from personal ownership unless the animal was possessed on or before August 1, 1980; or on or before August 27, 2009, for Black panthers

Carolina Panthers

Is it legal to have a panther as a pet?

It is illegal to have a panther as a pet in most countries. The reason why is that a panther is a dangerous and aggressive animal that can kill people and other pets. Only zoos and reservations can get permission to own a Panther.

Is a Black Panther a good house pet?

Panthers are very good at camouflage but when you find a well trained one and healthy, they are very good to be pets animals. Black panther for sale at affordable prices. Here is a very cute black panther, he is 3 weeks old and you can buy him as your house pet.

Is it possible to tame a panther?

A panther raised from birth by humans is considered tame, but keep in mind that it will always retain its wild instincts. That is why panthers cannot be trusted. It would take a hundred years and hundreds of panthers for them to be fully domesticated.

Do Black Panthers eat dogs and cats?

Roaming pets, including dogs and cats, are easy prey for predators, including black panthers. Supervise your furry pets and then bring them inside or keep them in a secure, comfortable environment if you live in the habitat of black Panther.

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