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can you have a squirrel as pet


Choose a suitable place

Unlike dogs and cats, the raccoon is not suitable for living in small spaces like a flat. If you want to adopt a raccoon, you should make sure you have a suitable space for it, such as a large terrace or a large garden.

Leave it loose

It is possible that you are afraid of his escape, especially the first days, when you still do not know each other too much. The best thing is that you put high fences to avoid the flight. Under no circumstances bind the animal or put it in a cage; you only get to sour his character and he could become aggressive.


At this point you are likely to ask yourself, what does a raccoon eat? Well, the raccoon is an omnivorous animal, so its main foods will be white meat and fish, fruits and vegetables. Never give red meat or blue fish, because your stomach is not ready to digest them.

Your hygiene

Excessive bathing damages the raccoon’s skin, so bathing it just a couple of times a year is enough. Raccoons do not smell bad as a rule and often lick to groom themselves, as happens with cats. However, if you think your raccoon is picking up a strong odor, and you still have not touched the bathroom, you can opt for dry cleaning.

Educate him

Due to its innate nature, it is necessary that you spend time educating your raccoon since he is small. You must learn what the limits are and that you are the boss. Of course, as in the case of other animals, the punishments, cries and blows are out of place.

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