can you have pets in college dorms


Why should pets be allowed in college dorms?

“The companionship pets give and the sense of responsibility for another living thing will boost your spirits,” Lorraine Savage writes. “Pets also give students a sense of home as well as a sense of community with other pet owners. Colleges are realizing the emotional boost and confidence students get from pets.”

Do any colleges have pet friendly dorms?

Pet-friendly collegesService dogs and emotional support animals. There are two federal laws that specify whether colleges must allow service animals and/or emotional support animals on campus.Americans with disabilities act requirements. …Pet policies. …Colleges that allow dogs and cats. …

Are You allowed to have pets in dorms in college?

Though specific pet policies vary by school, the majority of universities prohibit furry friends of all stripes in their dorms. If your college-bound daughter is absolutely set on bringing a pet, many colleges do allow fish, as long as the tank doesn’t exceed 10 gallons.

What pets can you have in college dorms?

Some of the more common rules include:The pet owner may be required to register the pet with the housing office.The pet owner may be required to pay a pet deposit.The pet owner may be required to get permission from roommates or other residents.Some colleges limit pets to residents who live in a single room without roommates.The college may require the pet to be housebroken.More items…

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