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Do College Dorms Allow Pets? Why They Have the Right to Restrict Certain Animals

Universities may create their own campus housing policies as long as they are following the law. This means that if they want to, colleges can create a pet-friendly student housing experience. However, there are reasons why it makes sense for universities to hold certain restrictions.

Pet Factors Considered by College Dorms

When it comes to which types of pets are banned or allowed in college dorm rooms, several factors are considered. Here are some of the most common:

Emotional Therapy Animals

For students with a disability who rely on emotional support and service pets, specific laws protect your right to be an exception to these rules against pets in dorms. Enter the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Fair Housing Act (FHA).

Benefits of Pets in College Dorms

When you’re with a pet, even if you just got them, you’re less lonely. It isn’t easy adjusting to dorm life, so having that companionship is a clutch when you’re feeling down or stressed out .

Challenges of Bringing Pets with You to College

There are also downsides to pet ownership while in college and in the dorms. Here are the primary cons:

Pets That Might Be Allowed

You might be able to own an amphibian while living in your dorm room. Smaller amphibians like frogs and salamanders are perfect for student housing, especially if you have a relatively small space to work in the first place.

Pets Least Likely to Be Allowed

Likely, your university does not allow cats or dogs inside the dorms. Though pet-friendly housing is challenging to come by on campus, it does exist.

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